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【预告Preview】创新年代如何找到自己的定位 Find Your Spot In The Era Of Innovation发布时间:2017-04-19







Change Or Be Changed

How To Find Your Spot In The Era Of Innovation

04/21  18:00 - 20:00 



           德必外滩WE"  228室

           Room 228, DoBe WE"@BUND

           #501 Jiujiang Road, Shanghai


主讲人 Lecturer

- 童毓舟女士 (Ms Jovi Tong )


参加方式  RSVP

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 This event is RSVP only. To register, please click on "READ MORE" at the bottom of the page!



本次活动由 德必WE" 主办。

This event is organized by DoBe WE" .

Thanks for the support of 1STONGSHE, Kaievent, MEETUGO.



Nowadays, the world is changing really fast. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the information you learn every day and worried that you will never catch up? Probably yes. So, what can you do to be more innovative?



Jovi 童毓舟女士是上海朋泊教育创始人、中国LEAD协会创始合伙人、TEDxShanghaiwoman演讲嘉宾。曾是管理咨询公司亚太区高级咨询师,具有GE、渣打等国际公司从业经验、美国金融管理机构金融从业资质(AAFM)。

The speaker, Ms Jovi Tong, is the founder of Shanghai CP Culture, founder and partner of China LEAD Association and a speaker of TEDx Shanghai Women. She has been working in pestigious firms as senior consultant in the Asia Pacific region in management consulting companies, as General Electric and Standard Chartered Bank. She also boasts a AAFM qualification.




On the night of April 21, DoBe WE”is honored to invite Ms Tong to introduce various innovation methods and the ten aspects of innovation. You will also learn how to get back to instinctive skills and free your mind.



感谢高端餐饮公司Daily Needs为本次活动提供意大利美酒。

A special thanks goes to Daily Needs, high quality F&B products importer company, for their wonderful Italian wine.