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【Review】The 11th Ethnomusical Film FestivalTime:2018-09-24

Recently, Sino-Italian Design Exchange Center - Florence Base has supported the 11th Ethnomusical Film Festival - Images and Sounds of the World, which recorded the world's cultural highlights, successfully concluded at La Compagnia Cinema in Florence. 11 traditional music films and documentaries from 7 countries around the world, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the Ethnomusical Film world.

The festival began with a documentary series "Worth repeating!" directed by Miranda Van der Spek. The most striking of these film is that Wu Tianming’s last work, “Hundred Birds and Phoenix”, tells the story of a young scholar in a village of the northwest, under the background of the decline of traditional Chinese music, the spirit of the national musical instrument is passed down and adhered to.

The Little Princes of Rajasthan, directed by Aurelie Chauleur, tells the story of the growth of three young musicians in Rajasthan, India. The documentary "Alive Inside" directed by Michael Rossato Bennett shows how great music can help older people with Alzheimer's disease.

In the excellent music film documentary "ETHIOPIQUES – Revolt of the Soul" by Macieck Bochniak, tells the story of a group of strong Ethiopian jazz musicians who have fallen and redeemed in the turbulent times.

On the last day of the festival, Claudine Pommier's documentary "The Voice Of The Kora" showed the audience the African traditional instrument karaoke, and explored the history of the instrument by interviewing some of the greatest kora masters and kora producers from around the world. And the beautiful soundtrack depicts the interpretation of contemporary beautiful images by this traditional instrument.

The  director of the festival, the ethnomusicologist Leonardo d’Amico, said in an interview that the charm of music is a limitation that can span the language. No matter which country you are from, no matter what era, you can feel the content to express through music. In particular, traditional folk music represents the spiritual connotation of its national culture and deserves our heartfelt experience.

Sino-Italian Design Exchange Center - Florence Base and the Multi Culti Association are committed to providing an international platform for the exchange of national music film culture between China and Italy. They are dedicated to presenting the natural beauty of oriental music film, communicating with international music film and art, and promoting local good works, cultural connotation, passing positive energy.